Wednesday, November 19, 2008

new things new things!

A big day for me today! my half kilo of organic merino came in the mail today, all the way from the UK!, smells so sheepy hehe, so tomorrow will be a lovely dye session for the store. I need to dream up 5 yummy colourways so they get snapped up!

Also in my day, I picked up my lush spinning wheel! not without another lesson from my spinning teacher, armed with a chai tea and a bag full of roving, I learnt to spin on my beautiful wheel. It was such a dream to spin on since the original wheel I learnt on was just awful!!! She looks old in all the right places, getting on into her 80's she has all the wisdom in the world, from the fingers of ladies before me, now she is mine to love and cherish till I am ready to pass her down to Lily.

I decided that she needed a name, for she infact has a soul. After an afternoon of spinning on her, I called her Thumbelina, a fairytale wheel indeed.
She came with three beautiful matching bobbins, which need to be cherished as finding a replacement if they break will be basically impossible.

here is one my bobbins from this afternoon, Im still getting into the groove on thin and even wool wont take me too long, but its all in the practice.

When I brought my lovely wheel home and put her in the lounge room, my newest addition to the family little Ivy decided her fave place was going to be the pedal, shes a wool fanatic already, and I just adore that! she has played with my wool while I've tried knitting aswell hehe but its just so lovely to have a cat in my life again, it had been too long.

Here's a quick shot of my hubby and our little Ivy. Shes taken to us really well, and even adores running up and down the lounge room with Eli when he throws her ball for her!

That's all I have at the moment! tomorrow I may have more since I'm doing a dye session!!
Love and Light xx

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