Sunday, December 28, 2008

a little nook of busy

Its been a long few weeks, with birthdays coming out of the brickwork the xmas rush of buying preesnts and wrapping them all lovingly, its a refreshing yet frantic time of year, and it will be like this every year since no ones changing their birthdays for my benefit hehe.  Another reason for my lack of blogging has been my getting ready for my very first market! It was exciting and scary all at the same time, I know I know, my little town's market why would I be afraid, but there it is, in all its glory, I was petrafied, I made lovely little tags for everything I had made with love, dyed with love you name it, things in celophane bags, I was midly impressed with the effort I put into these markets, 

My modest stall comprised of, half a kilo of hand dyed wool, 100gram skeins, an array of knitted and crochet and knitted beanies/berrets, newborn beanies with cute matting ribbons, little cotton flowers for makeup removers and also spots for custom colourways and custom knitted items. It was a great day, being the market just before xmas, everyone was out to find 'that little something different' our market stall attracted alto of attention with myself and two other women (my mum and my mums bestfriend Sonya) we didnt get to sit for more than 2 minutes, we were talking, networking selling, bagging it 
was amazing! between the three of us we made around the $500 mark! my little section brought in $75, with three customs which Im busily dyeing and knitting up, I had all my buisness cards taken, alot of interest in my stitch and bitch idea, which Im
 in the process of getting together. The best part of it all was meeting the other spinners dyers and knitters out there, I stood there talking to an adorable man who spins aswell, it was a wonderful feeling knowing that I wasnt alone for once! These past few weeks Ive been hell lonely, and just blah about alot of things, so this little country market pulled me out of my slump. 

Other items on my filled december was my beautiful little boy turning two, how time flies when your not looking! don't blink when you have kids before you know it, they will be 16 and telling you they have a girlfriend and that they're in love!
my little man got a sandpit for his birthday, he adores the sandpit at kindy so paul and I decided the best present for him would be one of his very own, so its not as grand as kindy's one but hey he loves it anyway! He ate cake, popcorn, danced sang for us, and almost burst with happiness when we all sang happy birthday to him, he was truly just *squish* couldnt love him anymore than I already do!
My little girl is almost 4 months old! another one of those blink and you miss it moments, shes starting to gurgle and laugh, smiles at all times of the day and night, and just loves her nappy being off! this photo was taken by my hubby early early in the morning but Its raw and its lovely. One of my favourite photos with my daughter.

Speaking of my husband, hes just put on a movie, so ill continue this tomorrow! enjoy your evenings my loves, keep creating, it makes the world spin evenly.

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