Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stocking..or so I thought

Evening my lovelies, I did promise another post last night, so after a hard day of helping mum sort out her blog, shop and all that jazz Im finally home to do a little post of my own. Although my last post was all about the xmas rush, I got some of my fave pics off my mums camera this afternoon, nothing flash but they make me smile, especially the one of eli and I. Just reminds me how white I am compared to my little babies! it makes me laugh, walking into town on my own with eli, looks like I stole him!
Its been about4 -5 years since I've had a picture taken with my sister, yep sad isnt it, I dont know why we haven't had any photos, but on Christmas day I was snap happy with mum's little credit card size thing, so it was selfies morning! Im going to get this one framed of us I think, just cause I can. Shed just cut her hair the day before, and she looks absolutely stunning, cant believe shes still my little sister. 

In the days and nights Ive been dyeing to stock my shop, not that this is going to be much, since most of has sold already before I've even had a chance to stock it! A lovely lady on Ravelry snapped it up the moment she saw it, both skeins of I have two balls of wool left to dye up, hopefully this sells too! yay for dyed wool hehe

My new series of wool that Im working on is called 'The Other Realm' all colourways are based on the mythical and the magickal, something I adore reading about anddreaming about. The yarn below is called 'Merlin's Robe' its 100grams of lovely organic merino 8ply and is aprox 246 yards worth of pure loveliness, this skein is already sold! but heres a peak of it anyway, I just need to tag her and wrap her in green tissue paper.

This little beauty was dyed last night at some ungodly hour, I've been tinkering and testing new techniques on crappy spotlight wool, when I was finally happy with my tech, I jumped into the merino...I am totally and utterly in love with this colourway, it almost didnt make it for sale! but my lovely hubby told me 'put it in the shop!!!' as I was trying to sneak it down my top hehe. Her name is 'Pixies Bonfire' the licking flames and bright coloured flickers of the pixies, Im just so soooo loving it, this skein has also found a home, with the same owner and Merlin's Robe actually she just went wild for them! (don't blame her to be honest lol) same weight and yardage as the above yarn, just needs tagging and wrapping, I hope she posts me a photo of her finished items, I am dyeing to see it knitted!

Onto the next lovely, she is hidden in the forest, under the leaves and ferns, sleeping peacefully...soft featured face, flowing gowns and twinkling eyes, she is...'Discover the Fairy Queen' there are bright turquoises in this than the photo depicts, but it was such a bright sunny day it got flooded out of the shot. This one is still for sale, she will be in the shop tonight, unless someone else claims her from the forest floor.

Thats all from me! Im about to set myself the task of dyeing up 'The Trolls are Coming' lots of ideas hehe I just love this series! I could go on for years making the colourways up!!

Have to make a bannana bread aswell before the narnies are too ick to use!
enjoy your evenings loves

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