Friday, January 30, 2009

Big big post before the moves!

a day with me 

Okays! we move tomorrow morning the house is almost alllll packed, just those last day cruddy 
things to put into boxes, but I thought since Im going to be without internet for a few days while it gets transf
erred over I may aswell blog big!
The last few days have been chaos but inbetween packing and kids, toilet training and the rest of t
he crazy things life throws at you, I got my haircut! It was a spur of the moment thing, I needed an uplift after a run of bad days! 

With new hair cuts comes new steps for miss Lily, she has started solids! my litlte mite is now 5 months old! can you believe it, shes just growing too fast for me, she ha
s discovered shes addicted to sweet baby veggies, as you can see, this is her after eating half a jar in one sitting! She needs to lick the spoon aswell. 

Quest For a Couch! The Start of our First DIY!
Today paul and I went for a roadie, to pick up our $1 Couch, the trip was about an hour and a half f
rom home, with eli at kindy, and Lily with mum, it was just paul and I, and a big old Ute. This is going to be our first DIY project, why start small when you can recover an entire couch, hehe,  you will see the couch transform in the coming 
months! but for now, take a trip thro
ugh the country with us! It was a beautiful bright crisp, stinking hot day!

This black and white shot is one of my fav shots of the entire trip, the stillness of a tree is so centering.

Knowing the trip to Armidale very well, I knew that one of the little towns on the way is home of my local yarn store! I declared to hubby that we shall stop, even
 though Im broke and I have no reason to need anymore wool at this time, I made the stop to take some candids! Welcome to my little yarn store.

As you walk in the door, just outside the store is a hanging of handspun and hand dyed wools, they are ever so cute! I love looking at her combos they are d
ifferent everytime I go there.

just one of the corners of the store, wall to wall of colour, texture and delishiousness!

The owner of the store, has a small team of women who knit for the store, mainly adorable baby clothes, if I didnt know how to knit already, I'd probably have a small stash of her knits for lily! Her cardis are adorable, she has beanies, socks, mittens everything you could want for a modern baby.  

Before heading off again! I made hubby pose for a quick photo, lol so quick you can hardly tell its us, one snap and we are off, (way too close for comfort hehe)

I wouldnt be a knitter, if I didnt do some compulsary knitting in the car! 
this is a very difficult task when the utes suspension bumps you around everywhere! I had to hold my needle
s in death grip mode to get anything done!!

We found the house rather easily for once! there was no swearing and map reading and more swearing, it was swear free findings! The guys son helped paul put the monster couches onto the back of the ute! yes she doesnt look like much now, but she is so sturdy and so screaming for a fab new look. My lovely husband doing all the labour while the pretty wife takes silly photos lol

once couchlina was on the ute it was food time! getting some burgers and sitting in the park was a lovely end to the afternoon, this adorable little brown duck decided he wanted to hang out with us for the last bit of the trip. Meet Quackers

a really silly chipmunkish photos of hubby, I couldnt resist putting it up, even though he said dont you dare! well as soon as you dare me, IM GONIG TO PUT IT UP lol...dont dare the wife, u get munted photos on the net fo rit lol

Gosh its late now! this post has taken ages with photos and writings! I still have a kitchen to finish packing and its 11pm! 


  1. good luck, see you on the other side :)


  2. that photo of you and paul, the black and white one.... ohmigosh you look like your mum.
    *runs away cackling evilly*

  3. And what is wrong with looking like her Mum Mandy?? Mum asks I witchy ugly???? Muwhaaaaaaaa *evil laugh*


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