Monday, February 23, 2009

All things Wool - Blog Feature.

I spend alot of my time, in other peoples knitting and wool adventures, there are blogs that just take me on this beautiful journey into their projects, their lives and their souls. I thought it was high time to start showing the people that inspire me beyond belief. My first feature, is a blog I only stumbled on last night as it so happens, I forgot where the clicking started to get me to her blog, but there I was last night, just adoring every thing she wrote about, her photos were lush and vibrant, everything about this little blog was endearing.

her work is truly amazing, she spins aswell, so drool over the handspun. The colours in her projects are just, Im left speechless bascally, as a dyer and a knitter myself, this woman has an eye for brilliant combinations.

I envy her ability to do socks, one day I shall overcome such tasks!
She has a little etsy shop but not to my surprise she is currently sold out of all her stock.

Even though she is sold out now, I urge you to bookmark her as your fave, and check back as this is really yummy yarn.
enjoy the goodness that is Three Little Purls
Tea and Yarn 
Courtney xx


  1. Yes this seller has some beautiful pieces and her yarn is it would take me a year to make a pair of socks i think...

  2. I agree Chrissy! a bazillion years to knit baby socks even!!

    shes talented!

    and nikki, so glad you like the feature darlin


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