Monday, February 23, 2009

comes out from behind the rock*

I have done alot of staring at the bedroom ceiling lately, trying to get myself going, with a cold that my delightful babies have given me, my get up and go reflexes are on slow motion.
Here I am though, finally taking enough photos for a blog post, trying to learn the ins and outs of this camera before I throw it out in frustration, I know what I want it to do, but it just doesnt! Its been a long few days, with looking after three small children under the age of 3, two of them under 1! My sisters little girl had a hard time coping with staying away from home for 4 days, new house, new bed, and no mummy, makes little Sophia rather unhappy. As a thankyou for taking care of her little one, she gave me this beautiful mug...touched my heart that she thought of me, as much as she teases me for being an old lady, I know she loves it deep down. 
What better present to buy a knitter, who loves tea, then a mug for knitters hehe.
Also this week, we house sat and fed a friends dogs, while they were away for a few days, as a thankyou they gave us some adorble green material place mats, and these colour and ever so yummy hand candys! mmmm gooddness
On the creative front, I've placed my order for some dyes, after searching frantically, as my one and only wholesaler lost everything in the bushfires. The colourcards came in the mail the otherday so I sat down and planned three months worth of pretty for the club, and then daydreamed a few blends up for the cashmere sock yarn thats hitting my door step in a week! Most exciting.

thats all from me my loves My next post will be a new feature Im adding to my blog, Once a week I'll be featuring Knitters/crocheters/wool blogs, I spend so much time, living in other peoples stunning blogs, that its high time I feature them in here for others to adore.
Tea and Yarn
Courtney xo

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  1. I love the mug! SO very very charming. It seems like I always use my mugs for tea. Yes, I have plenty of actual teacups, but with the exception of one of them, they are so darn small...


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