Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blog Watch! SplitYarn Beautiful

Its that time of the week again, for a little yarn blog feature, and I've scoured for the entire week of my fave little nooks to bring you this modern and funky knitter/crafter who makes beautiful acessories for the knitters of today. I give you ... SplitYarn
She makes adorable little needle cases, for needles in stunning prints, aswell as adorable camera straps if you want something a little left of center this is the place to go!
Her sleek shop can be found right HERE
Whats a feature without some yarn perving, her photos are beautiful, her knits are beautiful, and she seems to be after my own heart with the amounts of green she uses in her projects. 

The yarn below turned into a sweater for herself, which looked stunning finished.
I only wish I had enough time to knit myself such lovely items of clothing! Her little blog features shop updates, posts about her day to day life, vibrant photographs and of course knitting, yarn perves and project details. If you loved my last blog feature, pop on over to SplitYarn and take a little glimpse into her world, its well worth the click.

Not only is this blog utterly sweet, there are several tutorials within her blog on how to fix mistakes with photo references, if that isnt a reason to look at a blog I dont know what is, you may learn something for the day.
Enjoy your weekend, with a secondhand teacup an a pair of old wooden needles and a ball of beautiful yarn.
xx Courtney


  1. awww..I seriously need to learn to knit..*envious:)*
    pics are wonderfull!

  2. That scrabble piece charm, place marker is it!!!!
    and what lovely write up, regarding Split Yarn. I'm heading over there just now.

  3. I totally agree the scrabble stitch marker rocks! half the reason why I put that photo up, Im always looking for new quirk stitch markers hehe

  4. Don't forget to send me your snail mail address.
    I've already started to collect, and create (mostly in my head) many a wee treasures I'm putting in my three lucky boxes. :)
    Ohhhhh, I simply love making treasures and sharing them :)
    Email soon, won't you?


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