Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe - Fave Outfits #1

We are currently at the halfway through month one for the capsule wardrobe, and I am loving it! I have come up against a few instances where I've done omg what am I going to wear, to putting something on in many different ways and hating each way it looked! but I haven't buckled!
I have found a way out, out of each and every lost for an outfit moment so far! So I am calling that a win in my eyes!
The urge to shop is STRONG! I've picked up a few items and gone ohhhh this would look cute with this and this and this...and then I stop, and remember its not two weeks before spring yet (the time to shop and collate for next seasons capsule)...so what are you going Courtney? ...and I put it back.

I thought I'd do a fortnightly/monthly post on some of my fave outfits that have been worn during each three months. Some images will be actual photos where I've made an effort to pose, and some will be in front of my wardrobe mirror before I run out the door (expect more of the later, I'm a mum with a hectic home life most days) I will also show you when an item pops up more than once in a week, and how it looks in different styles,  I have a grey oversized boyfriend cardigan that made it into two outfits this week!.

So outfit one with above mentioned cardigan was with a floral dress, tights and grey leather boots.
this outfit soared to the top of my faves very quickly, its girly and comfy, and totally wearable for winter!

The boots are from city chic currently on sale 
Dress from asos - no longer sold
belt is also Asos (came with a skirt)
Cardigan is Rivers.
Tights are from City Chic (and super comfy)

I wore a long silver chain with a amber pendant gifted from my sister years ago to tie it all together

Then a few days later I put the cardigan to work again with a more casual look

Ignore the dirty mirror and my ghastly hair! ( I do try and clean the sucker daily but apparently missed a spot)
I paired the boyfriend cardigan with a tucked in graphic tee and a navy middi skirt, tights and black boots.
Boots are from target
Skirt is from modcloth 
belt is from Asos (came with a dress)
tights are from city chic 
Graphic Tee is from Rivers 
Caridigan is from Rivers.
I'm also wearing a SUPER adorable handmade necklace for some pop which is from Hello Emily Green Store

Other outfits to make the cut this fortnight was that dress I bought, that was a new edition to my capsule
I fell head over heels for this dress when I saw it on sale, it had to be mine! I paired it with a long cardi and belted it in, tights and boots. It was perfect for a Saturday out with the family, was comfy and I got so many compliments on the dress from strangers!

Cardigan with Belt from Citychic 
Dress is from Citychic
Tights from CityChi
Boots from Target.

Lastly is another item that I bought for my capsule is the 17Sundays chambray button up, it was on sale so I snapped one up for my capsule and I am ever so glad I did! it is such beautiful top and so comfy! I have two outfits with this top, although I wore it over a babydoll dress aswell but didn't get a good photo in that outfit.
This outfit was the top buttoned and tucked into an Asos Midi skirt. I wore it with bare legs (and regretted it as I froze) I paired with with simple black pointy flats and a Ena and Albert rainbow double strand necklace which also gets heaps of compliments on.

 Chambray shirt is from 17sundays - Currently on Sale
Skirt is from Asos
Pointed Flats from Betts For her
 The Chambray shirt got worn quite a bit in the two weeks prior this is the second outfit I snapped for a simple sunday food shopping trip I wanted to be comfy but not in gym attire as I spend so much of my weekdays in gym clothes, its nice for a change!
 I wore the 17Sundays top with a long black singlet, and a pair of leggins, and pointy flats. The hello emily green necklace again, and my black raybans. 
Chambray shirt is from 17Sundays
Long Black singlet  is from Crossroads 
Black leggins are from City Chic
Pointed flats are from Betts for Her. 

 So that is where I am so far! if you have any questions about anything please leave a comment I love answering questions! or even if you have outfit ideas for me! leave them too! 
x Courtney


  1. I know you were worried but posing, but I think your photos turned out great, I especially like the third picture from the top, if someone explained they were going to take a photo at that angle, with the purpose of showing off the clothing, I would think not going to work. But I have to say it is my favourite, I think it shows the clothing, whilst also being extremely flattering, i love that colour and style of dress on you (and the cardy tops it off, beautifully) )I'm a curvy girl too, and I love what your doing. Cheers xx

  2. I love this, you look great! Woot woo. Nothing to be afraid of at all.

  3. U look great gorgeous girl xx You have given me some inspiration for my own wardrobe for these cooler months, my legs too are starting to freeze brrrr. Great job, ill look forward to some more from you :)

  4. Hi I wanted to let you know I mentioned your blog in my latest blog post since I've been doing a plus size capsule too! You can find it here - http://lydiadickson.blogspot.com/2015/07/more-capsule.html
    I'm totally envious of that kite print dress, it's adorable! I'll be so glad when City Chic has more stores here in the US so I can see more of their clothes in person. Also I noticed in an earlier post you use Neocolors, they're some of my favorite are supplies to use in collages! So that settles it, you have great taste. :-)

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