Friday, February 20, 2009

In Search of a Knitting Muse

Lately, my knitting mojo is kaput, I cant seem to get get excited about anything, I want to make lovely things, and I see all your love FO’s and just sigh* I have no lovely yarn to knit for myself, no fancy wool, nothing really sort after, nothing even hand dyed atm, I havent dyed for myself ever thats a bit sad. 
So I want my mojo back, Im allowing mysellf $30 (thats gotta have post included) for some wool that is going to save my little knitting soul. pull me out of this rutt, its dark down here.

any tips for getting back into the love of it… 
also, any ideas for my $30 yeah its not much, but im so broke these days thats a small fortune for me.

mwah in advance 
the little knitter that thought she could, but just couldnt.


  1. you in a bit of a rut, love?
    feeling a bit deflated? well, i'm sorry that i can't help you with the knitting thing, since you know that i know nothing about it really. but i'm here to offer you some power-stance love (*points fist to the sky and grunts loudly*) and to tell you that you will get your mojo back.
    if i could make you some cupcakes, i would.

  2. The Yarn cafe has some yarn on sale, maybe there is something for you there?

  3. Uh, girl ya know a sista hates to hear that. Since I'm all excited about getting started. Your finished stuff has inspired me so much! When I write ya back I'll have to hook ya up with a lil' "mojo" goodie package. Hugs


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