Thursday, February 12, 2009

My little way.

With all the sadness and helplessness the country is feeling at the moment, I found a small way to help, I dont have much money (less than $10 a fortnight to live off) but what I do have is a way to make one lady feel that I care.
In the little town of Gippsland this Knitter lost  her entire stash of over 1000balls of wool, her home her antiques everything, and though I cant replace her furnture, I can certainly make a start on her wool stash. I have found our her details from some ravely girls who are sending packages to the town and knitters, I have done up a package for her, the yarn clubs Im going to be running through out the year (3 in total) are all hers for free, each month they are on, she will get a package, she doesnt know yet, but come march she will. Like I said it isnt much, buts its something I can do for her. I hope it makes her smile.


  1. Courtney love that is a lovely thing to do. I hope it makes her smile amid the sadness that has touched her life.

  2. Well done on you!
    I've been reading about the devastating bushfire going on there.
    Here in Southern California, my own sister last year had near a million dollars of personal/property damage.
    I understand lose, via fire.
    so well done on you!
    I am not in a financial strong hold myself, or I would love to send something, anything to aid in the cause.
    I'm happy to read your blog.
    From one textile artist to another, thank you for keeping the spirit of creative handwork going.


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