Thursday, March 19, 2009

Creative Space!

*runs into post* it seems that because I'm going on my aniversary trip tomorrow that everything happens the day before! house inspections, washing till I have nothing left to wash, cleaning packing, its all a bit much! then I realised ah my gosh its thursday! hubby is out doing something so Im sneaking in a post before he finds me on the computer intead of folding washing lol!

soooo what yummys have I got in my space today! a little bit of this and a little bit of that really!
I seem to have little mini spaces everywhere. Yesterday I posted out my first month of yarn club so my space for that is just odd bits of wool and paper, so I wont show you the utter mess lol but I will show you everything ready to leave for the post office! Im dead proud of how it all looks, they should be in homes starting from tomorrow onwards! I can tell all the girls in the club are trying to get really close to the screen to try work out the colours lol
On the personal creative space, I have launched myself into a project that will take me till Im roughly 80 to finish, a knitted blanket from little scraps of yarn, I made the pledge not to buy anything for this blanket, that its all scraps and swaps from people, it will be beautiful once it really gets going! Im taking this little work in progress on the bus tomorrow, girl has to knit for 9 hours! this is the stash of wool I've collected so far without much stress...most of its my hand dyed stuff few balls from other dyers.
here is how small the squares are! this is my first square, only a BAZILLION to go! but hey, its going to be so worth it, I've seen finished versions of this pattern and its truly breath taking!
little yarn perve, monday nights yarn ready to be packed and shipped to their new  homes, none get to stay with me they all sold! 
and packing up a little gift for one of my favourite girls...miss mandy moo. We are going to have a ball together, just wanted to give her a few goodies for having us!

Thats all from me, I need to go finish the folding! and the rest of the housework before I pack my bags for a 4 day kid free holiday! Im so excited, its like xmas for me hehe
Join in or just have a look at the other adorable spaces this week, pop over to  Kootoyoo's blog!

Tea and Yarn
Courtney xox


  1. Yummy! It all looks so delicious. Those colours are to Dye for (tee hee hee : ) )
    I wish i was a decent knitter so i could use some but im afraid it would be wasted on me. Must start learning again...........especially now its cooler

    You sound like you have been super incredibly busy!

    Thank you for your comment on mine. You are welcome to borrow my I Heart Handmade badge if you like. Its just a little something i whipped up for fun. Thanks again

  2. The blanket will be sooooo lovely! I'm looking forward to watching the progress :)

  3. that will be one gorgeous blanket! i love using up the odds and ends of other projects. have fun away!

  4. There colours turned out so wonderful.
    Lovely pics.
    Oh my hope you have time for a great REST, you busy, busy lady.
    Have fun on your mini holiday!

  5. I'm looking forward to watching the scrappy knitted blanket grow. Just gorgeous.

  6. the blanket is going to be amazing - love the wool on the left of your square!!
    4 kid-free days, u won't know yourself :)


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