Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Little Interview!

I was blessed with winning winning an interview with the lovely Nicole
for the interesting or no so interesting feature on her blog. I squeeled with delight when I saw my interview right there in front of me!
Here is the link to the interview for your reading pleasure! take a look around on her blog, she features some amazing artists and crafters from all over!



  1. yummy yarn! and a lovely interview... :) your blanket is going to be such a wondeful heirloom piece, i hope you keep us posted with a square count... ;)

    btw, there's a bit of appreciation for your wee blog over at mine, no need to follow it up if you don't want to... :)


  2. Oh, I just love the colours/yarns.
    And your interview was so delightful!
    I truly enjoyed reading it.
    You did such a grand job.
    Good on you!
    Hope you enjoy your weekend.
    I'm making wee treasures to fill up a certain someones box (oh I just love a good secret).
    Don't be fooled by my recent posts, I'm not showing ANY of my treasures to be mailed. ;)
    Bairbre Aine

  3. Great interview and I agree about the Indian Veil, it was inspired and awesome!!!

    I am drooling at all the lovely yarn in your photo. Yummmmmmmy

  4. hello courtney :)

    fab interview! i love the idea of the blanket it's going to be gorgeous... and now i know your ravelry name i can find you on there too and maybe see a pic?!

    i've mentioned you on my blog, i hope thats ok :)

    linda x

  5. oooo i've just seen the pictures of the little square on your last post (sorry i missed that one before!) and that blanket really is going to be gorgeous! x


Thanks so much for the lovely comments! it makes my day to know that Im not babbling to myself!
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