Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a little bit of lipstick

lipstick in the grass...destined for the shop, never been a big lover of pink but this is just a tad HOT!


  1. ooooo that is so hot! The raspberry colour is fabulous! I just love it, would make a beautiful beret! xx

  2. Oh my! Forgive my language but, "shit yeah!!!" that's fantastic and so like a piece of art! It reminds me of a paint palette filled with gorgeous colours that have been blended and perfected! wow!

  3. lovely colours!! This is the colour theme i picked for my wedding. Reminds me of Hydrangeas!

    re: Brown Owls - Maybe we can have a trip to the country!! If you're in Sydney some time though - maybe we could move a meeting date so that you could come??

  4. LOVE IT!! I've never been big on pink either, but lately I'm on quite the pink-kick!!


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