Tuesday, March 10, 2009

little bits of love

Tuesday already! I seem to lose myself through the days lately, with dyeing wool like there is no tomorrow I lose many hours! So whats been bubbling in my crafty cauldron this week! well a custom order I've been knitting away. The outfit will be to die for when its finished! Its such a pleasure knitting little girls clothes, dont know what it is! but I just love it!
In between dyeing for my yarn club, Im also working on a store stocking! Two pretties that came out of the post last night are the alluring 'Sea Priestess' a stunning cashmere and merion sock yarn, thats oh so soft! and would make a cute pair of socks, or even a one skein shawl!
Every lady must have a man, and the priestess is standing by the 'Heart of the Ocean' a more boyish blend but still would look really beautiful when knitted up! I was playing with colours that I dont normally use, I think stepping out into the unknown world is brave, bold and ends up being beautiful.
On the home front, my Lily is 6 months old..this came like a slap in the face when the nurse rang up to remind me about her needles! my little goddess is growing before my eyes...soon she will be playing dress up and teaparties, of course mummy will take much delight in playing with her. Shes a little bit of hubby, and a whole lot of me, and Im so glad. She's currently addicted to wheatbix! hence the complete mess of herself in the below piccky.
Another little shop update, as the colder months draw near, when you seek out layers and cute berrets, scarves and all things squishy and knitted, my little nook will be offering a limited amount of hand knits. in stunning colours, with buttons and embellishments and everything you may desire this winter...so keep an eye out for such lovelies.

now I must go and start the dye cauldron back up, and get some work done,
enjoy the bliss that is Tuesday.
tea and yarn
Courtney xx


  1. The yarn is just stunning and what a sweetie your little one is.

  2. I adore the colour blend in the varigated wool.
    Hey, I put a pic of my head manikin too, how delightfully fun.
    I'm now trying to find a bust for making dresses/clothes.
    I'm hopeful I will find one cheap!

    Your wee las is adorable.
    They grow so fast, so enjoy (I can tell you do!).


  3. Lily is just beautiful...those eyes are magical...

  4. Wow that wool ('Sea Priestess')makes me want to knit socks! Pity I don't knit and making two of things is such a pain to me. lol... but that wool is delicious! Those colours are perfect! Lily is growing up so fast, geez time flies doesn't it?

    Ps... I LOVE that beret! It looks warm and comfy and I am all for those things combined at the moment! hahaha. *hugs*

  5. aw... lily is just adorable, enjoy this special time - it goes so fast (i know everyone says that but it really is true!)

    i love the colours in the godesses hubby... reminds me of a stormy ocean.. yum!

    linda :) x

  6. I looooveee the hat in the bottom photo! Good job!

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  7. like i said, your kids have the biggest frikkin eyes.
    hate you.
    (love you. secretly.)


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