Saturday, March 7, 2009

BlogWatch - A little Cafe with your Yarn.

Todays little blog watch is closer to home! I thought it was time I featured an Aussie Yarnie! and this week I have found the perfect yarnista for your eyes to feast on! In a nook far off into the internet, was the lovely Elissa, and her Blog/Shop

With colourways that make you want to squeel with delight, and delishious base yarns from all walks of life, this little blog and store has a little something for every yarnaholic. As a dyer myself, I always look for something that screams joy
 and beauty, every image on this delightful little blog evokes just can you not smile, at a rainbow of yarn.

Hold your breath a little longer, and take a look at the stunning gradient yarns elissa has featured on her blog.

Her blog has yarn perves no matter where you look, down the sidebar are all her zingy colourways, in each post is some form of yarn beauty! 

She just released a beautiful set of green yarns, in all shades and all yarn bases. This skein below is 60% Baby Alpaca 30% Merino 10% Bamboo, who wouldnt want to knit with this!
You can find her treasure chest of yarn at her quaint little online shop
(apologies, seems my photo links are being a bum and wont link, so please use the text instead, tar!) 

She describes her world as...
and I couldn't agree with her more...make a cup of tea, and jump into her world, you wont regret it, purchase some yarn and some delishious chocolate while you are in her shop, be a yarn glutton I wont tell, hehe
xx Courtney


  1. Ohhhh I simple love the colours!
    The rainbow yarn looks so much fun!
    The possibilities are endless.

    How goes the dying process?
    What colour are you hands today?

  2. lol my hands are greeeeeeen with red fingernails! Im a posterchild for xmas at the moment lol
    her yarn is stunning

  3. hi courtney,

    i'm loving this feature you're doing, so much yummyness to drool over! this week i managed to find my way back here and leave a wee comment instead of getting lost in lovely yarns!

    have a fab weekend,

  4. Oh no,
    I'm trying to recover from yarn addiction.Now I have an excuse to look at beautiful yarn again-lol.
    I've really been tempted to knit lately too after all of the holiday gifts ,my arm has gotten back to it's pre-sore condition:)

  5. oh my word this is luscious!! i'm having to take deep breaths ;)

    thank you for a wonderful find courtney.. i'm off for a drool at this gorgeousness

    linda :) x

  6. you are all very welcome! nothing better than a good yarn perve

  7. So good to find fabulous aussie yarn sellers...thanks for this link...

  8. Courtney...don't think the links are working...

  9. thanks hun, I was just looking at that, something must have happened Ill fix it right now love!

  10. Hey Courtney Love

    What a fab find chick and an Aussie dyer to boot. It's a really lovely post chick and Elissa should be proud of the results.

  11. Definitely not babbling to yourself! Babbling to a girl who loves winter about as much as life itself! And yarn makes it that much more invigorating, especially that chunky sucker on this entry. The colours are like a candy store.


Thanks so much for the lovely comments! it makes my day to know that Im not babbling to myself!
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