Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday at a glimpse

My day starts like every second day, I say second because every other day I have a sleep in, and man do I love my sleep ins! As I was saying, my day starts with these brown eyes, he wakes up and calls me straight away 'mummmmyyy com' ere' and so it begins, the abc channel goes on, tea is made, toast is cooked and we enjoy the morning on the couch till its time for outside play and lily's morning bottle.
 by about 11:30 eli is in bed, having his morning sleep, the only one he has during the day, and sometimes if I'm really lucky, lily will have a sleep at the same time, so its quiet bliss, and work begins. I check emails and right reminds down in my planner, customer details, orders and reciepts my little student diary was a perfect purchase and at $1.99 its served me well.
the little ones had an extra long sleep this morning, so I scurried down the hall into my little room and did a little spinning, sice I have two shipments of my fiber club from 
Ewe Give me the Knits 
and I hadnt really touched it! much to my shame, I havent spun merino before so this was a learning curve, but hey you learn things everyday, and practice practice practice.

By late afternoon I knew I had a few things to start, there are a few gifts I needed to start knitting, Sophie and Mandy both have a small list of things that I want to make for them, so I broke out the beautiful soft bamboo cotton and the needles and started on their gifts.

Its now late, late afternoon, and I've sat on the bed to try and knit a bit, when Im faced with the fact that my flowers need changing hehe, new roses tomorrow for a new day, but they will only be replaced after my sleep in hehe.

Enjoy your evenings, my dears...
tea, yarn and new roses
Courtney xx


  1. I absolutely love how you get your Monday, near finished, while I've yet to begin mine.
    You inspire me, at times, by some of your posts.
    Late into the evening here, still Sunday.
    I had a grand bath, cuppa tea and am heading off finish knitting a pair of fingerless gloves for a co-worker.
    She saw mine friday and commissioned a pair.
    OH, Wee ones are so dear and lovely.
    Those brown eyes are lovely!
    Happy knitting luv!

  2. What a lovely Monday. I don't think anyone could resist those big beautiful eyes!


Thanks so much for the lovely comments! it makes my day to know that Im not babbling to myself!
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