Thursday, March 5, 2009

Creative Space!

After realizing that Id put my name on the list, I hadnt taken my pictures!! so I got my clothes on and ran into the craft room to take a photo of my latest workings.
As some may know, Im currently in the middle of my Yarn Club, the first shipment of wool arrived today, and Im busy setting up for a mass dyeing session as I have 5kg to dye in the next week!!
so my creative space is all about the hand dyed goo
this is also a teaser for my customers, as they have been stalking my blog waiting for me to let something this is all thats slipping my loves...

there are thee pots of dye there, each colour is just one of the colours for each colourway...Im not saying which is which, but there you have it...three little slips all in one.

I've also had some fun in the dyepots with some wool! these will go up for sale once I get the rest of the stock ready but Im in love, I dye because I love it, but then I love my wool and dont want to let it go, lol I have problems!!
a splash of colour for my creative space today
to perve on other spaces today! jump onto Kootoyoo Blog! or sign you yourself, its fun!

enjoy club girls, and the rest of the lovely women who have a looksie.


  1. What a tease you are chick lol. I love the wool and I have had the pleasure of seeing it in person. There are some benefits to being your mum hehehe

  2. oh my what gorgeous looking yarn, to die for I'd say!!

  3. The result you are getting are gorgeous. Those colours are looking so rich.

  4. The yarn looks fab. It is yarn like this that really makes me wish I was a knitter.

  5. Stunning colours!!! Seriously absolutely gorgeous.

    Thank you so much for your kind message Courtney, Chicken soup is just what i feel like!
    Your an absolute sweetheart! Love your blog too, so interesting, makes me want to start knitting again!


Thanks so much for the lovely comments! it makes my day to know that Im not babbling to myself!
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