Monday, March 30, 2009

a twin set to dye for.

My little shindig last night was a cute gathering, we did dinner and desert. A lovely array of marinated chicken wings, greek salads, garlic and parsley pasta and Turkish Apple Ice Tea! I ended the evening with a home-made pav! I would have taken photos of everything but we were so into the whole night that everything was eaten before I could even pull my lense cap off! The table was decorated with fresh roses from my garden, in little white teacups. The teacups were all over the house, each holding a different coloured rose. 
Although my birthday is next friday, my close friends wanted to get in early! I was so surprised with my thoughtful gifts,  they made my night! I was gifted with 12 months subscription to Yarn Magazine, which is fast becoming my ultimate yarny mag from Oz! This was brilliant! Yarny reading every issue and I dont even need to walk to the newsagent! But the next present is my favourite present in a very long long time....
A stunning vintage teacup, in a soft pink colour with beautiful copper and grey roses! to top it all off, the plates are an offshaped square! It was such a pleasure to unwrap the tissue paper to reveal such a beautiful object! The teacup were put away by an lady for her glory box, over 60 years ago! but thats not all, such a stunning cup would have a twin! 
That's right! I was gifted with not one but two of these stunningly beautiful teacup sets! I squeeled like a little girl when I got to the bottom of the box to reveal another set! They have become my pride and joy without a doubt!

I cant stop looking at them! they are now placed in my craft room where I can stare at them anytime I like! and I think mandy and I might have to christen them when we move to brissy! they beg to be used in a high tea setting! Scones, jam, cream and a delishious blend of tea, utterly spectacular!

And for a little bit of fun...todays colour is....

Tea and Yarn
Always the beholder of two amazing teacups
Courtney xx


  1. dude!! who gave you those tea cups?! we are so having high tea with them when you move up here.
    tell me when your cards arrive!!

  2. sonya gave them to me!! and they are the best thing since like creation of the world lol..Im hanging for my cards!

  3. I bow down and worship those tea cups! There are no words....

  4. OH MY GOSH, those tea cups are divine!
    I want to have tea time right now!
    What fine mates you have Courtney!
    This, I imagine, is a strong reflection on the love and kindness you bestow upon them, as well.

  5. I would have to agree with Bairbre Aine love it is indeed a strong reflection of the kindness you bestow upon them. You only get back what you put out and the beautiful tea cups say it all chick,
    Love Mum

  6. you lucky girl :) it sound like you had a fab night and how lovely that your friends know and love you so well that they can get you something you really love

    have a wonderful birthday next week! :) linda x

    ooooo and ps. that blue looks gorgeous!

  7. Oooh! Share those teacups...please?!!!

  8. Thanks...!! x
    I'm off to bed now - it's way too late...just wanted to say thank you - you know what for x

  9. sounds like you had a fab birthday celebration :)

    btw, those tea-cups are utterly gorgeous! i'm so jealous, i think i need to start a new addiction, ahem, collection ;)

  10. Oh goodness gracious those teacups *ARE* the most gorgeous things in the world! WOW. Lucky girl!!!

  11. Those teacups are absolutely gorgeous! They'd be completely at home at a Mad Hatters tea party - Oh, and I mean that in the nicest possible way, Alice is a fav.


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