Saturday, March 28, 2009

a Saturday.

A saturday afternoon and I've been busy in the pot as usual, getting the last few customs out before I hit the cauldron full pelt for another yarn club. And as you can tell, Im fashioning pink fingers today, goes oh so well with my red top!

I woke up this morning to a lovely pm for a lady on ravelry, who creates these amazing samplers from Indie Dyers all around the world, she has invited me to become one of the contributors! 

Im really excited to be asked and Im currently planning my samples to send off to her! If you havent ever heard of it definately check it out! Phat Fiber

On tje creative front, Im on the hunt for a beautiful frame for my new found love, this little card from mandy! It needs to be displayed on the walls of my room! 
and in front is the workings of my scrappy square blanket! its totally getting there, almost 6 squares done, they dont take much at all, but its finding the time to just sit and selfish knit! Below are three squares that have been joined. I have found several little balls of wool in my drawers that will make a square, its amazing what you find when you actually look! 

and another work in progress, My little Lily's circle blanket, slowly its coming along! I hope to have it finished by winter! the pattern is called Rippled Stone, and its crocheted, works up fast just time I never have lol! I want to make it really big so she will get some decent use out of it! the colours besides the purple have been in my stash for over 4 years! so I thought it was time to use them up! Im loving it though, its really easy to sit and just crochet along.

I shall leave you with my new tea tin, which I adore beyond words and the blend that has captured my heart! Stockholm, I am utterly addicted and my small 50gram bag is dissapearing before my eyes! I hope tea central do mail order or Ill start getting the tea shakes! hehe
enjoy the evenings of your weekend, knit and be blissful...make a pot of tea..I know I am
Tea and Yarn Courtney xx


  1. oooh, that little card is so cute, it looks just like your squares blanket! your blanket is going to be a ot more colourful than mine and it looks so soft and cuddly already :)

    tea and knitting sounds like a lovely way to spend you weekend... now i'm off to check out Phat Fiber... :)


  2. Oh goodness, that tea looks faboo. I'm planning to send you some tea love in your (late) birthday package. xoxoxo


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