Monday, April 6, 2009

a delivery for me!

An afternoon of ideas, projects and all this inspiring and the postman arrives 5 mins before knock off time! now I would have posted a photo of everything in their lovely wrappers but I was totally waiting for this parcel, so I got a tad over excited and ripped it open with love. inside were these treasures. A knitter's inspired one of a kind all mine artwork...complete with vintage knitting needles! its filled with hidden meanings that as days go by maybe I will unravel, but for now, its on the wall in my craftroom. 

The card was adorable and man did I smile from ear to ear when I saw the image..took me a moment to focus on what they are doing...WINDING WOOL! its oh so lovely she is placed on my desk next to my beautiful card from mandy. Hooray Knitting cards for all! (well really only me)
within the layers of paper and lovelieness were two smaller gifts each equally lovely, a notebook that is perfect fo my handbag, I have two bigger versions of these delightful notebooks, one which I am currently using as my inspiration and ideas book. This little notebook is currently nestled in my olive green knitters bag. The little box of coloured pencils made me smile for reasons I wont share.
a book I have lusted after for SOOOOO long now, is this stunning book by Amanda Keeys
I've gone to buy this little adorable book for ages now and kept getting told off by soph to just leave it for now lol...and now i have a copy of my very own!!
all so beautiful in so many ways, Im very very thankful for such a lovely gift. Thankyou Miss Sophie.

Tea and Yarn
Courtney xx

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