Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Blog Watch - A nook in the Attic

Its been a little while since I made a blogwatch post, but I have been collecting my faves for future posts! Although this blog is only new to my favourite lists, I think I've read almost all her entries, as they are really touching and beautiful, not just to look at, but to read. Imagine a worth with stunning colour in every corner of your house, this adorable blog has splashes of stunning in every post, and I was drawn in like a moth to a rainbow bright flame.  Step into the crochet brilliance of Attic24

how can you not smile at the abundance of colour and perfection these blankets, granny squares, teacups and flowers. They are some of my most favourite images I've seen to date on a blog. I could literally print them for the walls of my craft room I adore them so much. It has made me ache for a basket full of brightly coloured solid balls of yarn and a crochet hook. Just so I too can make blankets like this.

Although I adore every image on this blog, it's not just the pictures that draw you in, her wonderful luscious stories are just a breath of fresh air, being a mum to two little ones myself, its always so lovely to read other mummy posts. The post on Yes Day made me smile at the absolute simplicity of making children happy. That we as parents have the ability to say yes, all the time if we want to. Even if you look at nothing else on her blog, please read yes day, its innocent and beautiful.

For now, I'll leave you with some more gorgeous photographs, this blog is as I said before, literally dripping with colour and muse dust! If you cant crochet, pick up a hook and start, if this isnt a wake up call for dormant crocheters I dont know what is. I now want to make my very first granny square blanket, and only wish it as beautiful as her work. Enjoy the loveliness that is Attic24

Tea and Yarn, and future bright blankets




  1. ooooooooooo my goodness, can you feel me blushing????? I am quite overwhelmed to read your generous words, gosh, eerrrmmmm, thank you, thank you!!
    You are all welcome to the Attic anytime, drop by for some colour and chat, a cuppa and something sweet to eat, sit down amongst the blankets and make yourself at home. See you soon xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Courtney that was a lovely post chick. Her story on Yes Day had me reaching for the tissues, what a beautiful story and yes I agree as parents we have the power to grant wishes to our little people and sometimes their wish is so simple.

  3. I've so loved reading Lucy's blog!
    I'm not surprised to see you list her as a fav. Her writing and insights are delightful and the colour her blog has is wonderful.
    I've been inspired countless times by her work.
    Well done on you. For posting such an upbeat blog and such kind things you've written about another fine lady!


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