Sunday, April 12, 2009

An Egg Hunt and a little touch of Cotton

Happy Easter my lovelies! My morning started at 6:30 with Mr Eli champing at the bit to get out of his room and look for eggs! we scatterd some in his room but somehow he missed them he squeeled when I pointed them out! Easter Bunny bought him a egg hunt bucket with none other than his favourite thing in the world Thomas! He searched half the house for eggs! The pictures are a little blurry because he wasnt in one spot long enough for me to catch a nice photo!
The egg bucket starting to fill up quickly, it was such a joy watching him through sleepy eyes. Last year he collected eggs but wasnt that into it lol just did it because he could! 
The last eggs to be found this morning were on the little magical bookshelf in the lounge!
we bundled up the children by 8:30am to set off the Mum's for an easter breakfast! we decided that we would do hanmade gifts this year, nothing really fancy but still enough to bring a smile to our faces. My mum gifted me with this lovely little canvas for my craft room. They are a set of three, and I will get them over the course of the year! Another beautiful addition to my little nook. I love the Pearl1 and she will kill me for mentioning it! but its not often your mum makes a spelling mistake! Its always me. PEARL1 mum! pearl1 hehe
I made my sister a cute little neckwarmer from squishy organic cotton, finishing it off with a crocheted Scolloped edge and Fabric buttons to match. Im currently making another for a girlfriend for tomorrows gift giving. Hers is in Eggplant purple with bright green buttons. I think I love it so much I'm making myself one with that delightful handspun I posted a few days ago.

And a little snap of the next square to be created on the blanket that has won over my heart.

Enjoy your easters darling, eat chocolate and be merry!


  1. What a delightful neckwarmer - it looks lovely! Happy Easter :)

  2. What beautiful morning pics and easter egg hunt (Gorgeous idea!). I love the neck warmer and hope you have a lovely Easter! :)

  3. hello courtney :) that egg hunt looks like fun! i guess you'll be elping him eat some of those ;)

    what lovely gifts for your friends and family - have a wonderful time,
    linda :)


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