Thursday, April 9, 2009

Late Creative Space!

I didnt want to miss out, so I scurried into my space to take photos! I did take some of my morning space, and then my evening - go me being so overly organised for once! My space started early this morning, when it was my sleep in! I decided to stay quiet in bed and get a little work done on my blanket, which is becoming a great love affair between said blanket and myself. 
Please adore my tote bag, its my first every sewing experience years ago, with bag ladybug fabric and feral pink lace! Im still in awe that its travelled across the world and back, and not a single stitch is undone! It currently holds all the balls of yarn for my blanket...soon it will need to retire as Its getting rather full!
I then went on a shopping trip with my family and didnt get home till rather late! so while many hours have passed, I decided to knit by candlelight in my craft room to wind down from the rather busy daytrip! I think everyone goes a bit stupid around easter! The supermarkets were full of crazys!

As you can see my blanket yarn pile make a small mound, its most lovely to see! So many women have donated their scraps of 8ply merino to me, its been really touching, Im going to embroider their initials onto a square so I can honour their thoughtfulness onto something special of mine...because in all honestly, without their donations, my blanket wouldnt be what it is becoming...stunning.

and just for a little yarn perve, I purchased myself some lovely handspun yarn from a good friend of mine, she custom spun it for me! Meet Violent Violet, isnt she just devine!
and yes, I like to munch on yarn for breakfast hehe.

I am now going to snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie, while knitting squares
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  1. I love the idea of your blanket using donated yarn - fantastic project : ) I regularly eat Harris Tweed for breakfast - very nutritious - hehe!

  2. Nice gifted yarny bits Love. I thought I taught you to stop eating yarn and now you've gone back to it lol.

  3. glad to see that you are enjoying the deliciousness of the handspun.

    remember it is important to have a little bit of fibre every day :)

  4. Oh your blanket is looking so lovely! I want one next! I'll pay ya in kindness and cute cards :) How bout it!

  5. looking forward to seeing that square blanket knitted up, it might inspire me to do something with all my millions of mini yarn balls..that homespun looks super delish can't balme you for wanting to eat it up!

  6. hello, thank you for your comment, its my very first one! your knitting is beautiful, wish I could have a go but my Grandma was a terribly impatient teacher!!!


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