Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a melting pot post.

A little bit of this and that for today's post, ecletic! First and foremost, let me introduce to you, Edward Books, a 4 week old kitten we rescued from under our library...hes teacup size small, underweight and infested with fleas, but we love him. Hes so far had two flea baths snuggles and a worming treatment, living under heat lamps and being fed by syringe we hope to bring a little joy into his life.

On the crafters note, my new age husband has taken a shine to Crochet! once he finally understood how it all worked he was off! last night I was gifted with this little green cupcake, two sweet, its nice to snuggle on the couch him crocheting and me knitting lol little odd but all the more lovely I think.
My blanket is coming along slowly and surely with a bag full of scraps at me feet day and night, I try and get a little knitting in between lifes moments. I smile knowing that these scraps will be made into something truly stunning!
Remember the ball from my last post! well she became this lovely choc mint square! she is waiting patiently in the pile till I can knit her into the blanket itself! Its all so exciting, the blanket craze seems to have  hit the world this winter, Im seeing blankets being knitted crocheted everywhere I turn! We shall all be ever so warm this winter..well not me since this blanket will take till Im at least 80! hehe Im going to be doing a hexagon crochet blanket in the mean time, little faster lol so maybe I might get one blanket done this year!

I was gifted this stunning ball of Mosic Moon yarn yesterday in the post! I cant wait to think of something to knit, for now its in my little pride stash basket till it tells me what it would like to be! Its going to be lovely and rich no matter what I knit! Im almost thinking mittens for winter but who knows!

and last little bit for this post, a photo of a few little button finds, each one has a purpse for a gift, my two girls will be getting something from me soon..just need to put it all together. An Owl, an old vintage sewing machine and of course the spool of thread and scissors! oh the mind boggles as to what I shall create!

I think I might curl up with my blanket knitting and some tea, as I've been really ill the past few days and I need a little rest.
Tea and Blankets! 


  1. Oh Books is too cute! Can't wait to see more photos! I heart blankets and that button is to die for! I don't care where you put it! lol

    touch my hat...

  2. oh sweetie, i hope you feel better soon... lots of tea nad blankets will help :)

    i've tried lots of times but so far my man has resisted the temptation of knitting, crochet, embroidery, etcetera, etcetera... ;) your knitted blanket is going to be stunning, i wonder if you'll still be blogging when you're 80!?

    Edward Books is such a cutie, i hope he grows up big and strong... looking forward to lots of pics :)


  3. what a sweet little cupcake!!!!!!

    jeana marie


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