Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 5 - A Photo a day In August

Five bright red balloons sitting beautifully amongst the tangled sticks and spider webs.
a little glimpse of whats outside my bedroom window.
For more of todays photos pop on over to The Byrons Life's Blog for the list!

On another note, my op shop finds yesterday, quirky cups for my little collection of missmatch. Hubby and I decided it was time to collect odd cups to make us smile, so these are our first little gems, so retro and random but they both made us smile especially the retro umbrella mug lol.
enjoy your afternoons, sip tea happily from a silly mug.
Tea and Yarn Courtney


  1. Lovely photos, and love that little cup in the middle :)

  2. Oh, i love that umbrella mug! x

  3. love the photo...
    great little finds in the cups, they are so pretty..
    have a great wednesday..

  4. Oh - love the mugs. My nan has these and still uses them - thanks for making me smile today.


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