Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Creative Space!

Well its been a little while but I thought its about time I played this game again! Im always creating and I usally capture my mess on my camera so let me show you the battleground that is my space this week!
I sat in my little nook and made a mini album for myself, for my trip to brisbane, and I wanted something girly and silly to hold all my little bits and peices. So I got out my papers and created something fresh and fun..and a heap of mess!

A little trifold album within my album! with little journaling tags, mini clips, and a fabric button that doubles as a cute little door handle.
a flower embellishment I made using a paper flower, a little popout butterfly and some ribbon from my stash!

the front cover of my little album featured a vintage camera image! since both My dear friend Mandy and I are photographers I thought this was very fittingand a show off, of some of my new papers that came in the post last week, arent they ADORABLE!!!
thats me done for this week, Im sure you'll see my adventures next week, might be some spinning who knows!

if you'd like to see other spaces or join us on the creative adventures pop on over to
Kootoyoo's blog and sign up!!

enjoy your afternoon
xx C


  1. wow your little album is sooooo sweet I have loved catching up on what you have been doing. Your journal and artwork is amazing. love it so much xx

  2. i love a mini album ... my absolute favourite. well done. now i'm off to have a snoop around ...

  3. I sure admire those of you who do things like that with paper. I think it's so pretty, but I just don't have the vision or motivation to do it myself. That's what's fun about the Internets, though, isn't it? We get to live vicariously sometimes!

  4. What beautiful creations! I found the same little bird paper the other week too, so excited about that it!


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