Friday, April 16, 2010

I spent the silly moments...

I spent the slipping moments with my little ones this afternoon, just us the backyard grass and a few balls to keep us laughing.
I of course had my camera with are my faves from the day.

my darling brown eyed girl -she melts everything I am.

My little man, who tests every boundary I put up, but hugs me when I'm looking sad.

as they finally gave in to playing kick the ball, the sun was starting to feel sleepy.

If the sky was a yarn, this would be the most delightful Gradual Gradient.

enjoy the stolen moments, they are worth their weight in gold
xx C


  1. Gorgeous photos! Your little ones are so cute :) xx

  2. Beautiful moments beautifully captured :)

  3. beautiful shots and gorgeous EDIBLE kidlinks ( in a nice way!)


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