Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Creative Space

Because my desk is a crazy unorganised mess today, I decided to abandon ship!! to my bed, while my little girl slept my son and I sat and on mummy's bead to do some drawing.

his eyes opened wide when he realised he was going to be able to use mummy's pencils!
'Its a good day today mum' he said to me, and I asked him whys that?
because mum, your pencils are you heard it folks, my pencils are magic!

as he drew crazy scribbles, and he first face (that looks like a face) I worked on my art journal, nothing gallery worth, but therapy for me.for more creative spaces check our Kootoyoo's Blog!

xx Courtney


  1. Ha, magic pencils. :D Love it!

  2. I am fascinated by art journals, you artsy people are amazing with those things! Love the sketch you have.

  3. love it when kids come out with sweet praises like that

  4. gorgeous space courtney! i think your desk looks great, and I might have to try your magic pencils some time ...

  5. Yours is one gorgeous space, magic even.

  6. your art makes me smile and eli adn the magic pencils make me smile


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