Monday, August 30, 2010

oh how I love me a good Camp

what seems like a lifetime ago, when it was only last weekend was the much awaited spinning camp in grafton. I had been busting to go to this camp not only for the getaway from my life but to hang out with a grp of women that make me so much of who I am. I've only know them for a short time but in that time they have made such an impact on me I cant see my life without them now.
Laughing could be heard from our rooms at every moment, it was such a wonderful three days. We knitted, spun, crocheted and drank huge amounts of tea....and wine lol

Here is miss Lisa with her first of two handwarmers, using my handspun and hers - hot

I worked all weekend on the same colourway, the fibre that kept giving, this was part of my birthday present from Lisa, 200grams = alot of spinning! Im still going but I do love it so.

our beautiful dear friend ellie couldn't make it to camp which mad us all ever so sad, but one woman who did come was ellie's mum, and we adore Miss Mabs! She took the plunge and decided it was time to learn to spin!!! and she did very very well!!
I admit, Im addicted to green hehe I put myself on a self imposed Green ban at camp in the end lol everything I picked up was shades of green, no one can never have enough green I think.

Im going to leave you with this last image - AHHHH can't sleep CLOWN WILL EAT ME!enjoy your Monday morning!
xx C


  1. argh clowns

    BAM and the boats are gone !

  2. I missed you too. Love your work.

  3. I am glad that clown was not the motel artwork in my room, I am funny about clowns...

    Loved camp, you girls are just wonderful!!


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