Thursday, September 16, 2010

a stupidly long post.

Smiling from my fingertips, moving and inking. Panting and giggling to myself...I had forgotten this part of me.

The muse is slowly, ever so gently coming back to me...welcome to my little world of art.

Op shop finds, from my little bumkin oppys, pottery galore! but it all works so well hehe, I love my random pumpkin sugar bowl that will now hold buttons. And my epic tablecloth find which makes me giddy everytime I walk in to see it.

a girl can never have to much vintage randomness hehe, a 50cent buy not sure what treasures will be inside this girl, but I'm sure before the week is out, it will hold something.

one of the little finds that stole my heart were these brown leather shoes, complete with flowers, for a whole 4bucks they came home in my shopping basket too cute for words! also in the photo a snippet of my current WIP, a shawl called Whisper in a lovely lovely green colour.some stamps that hit my doorstep from Darkroom Door

and my art journal workings at the moment- this journal is made from old xmas cards all different shapes and sizes hole punched and strung together with some twine. Its slowly getting a soul.
This weekend Im off to Tamworth with my Mum, we are going to burn up the spotlight floor! with my beautiful girlfriends from Armidale, we are embarking on a quilt along a years worth of sewing, and hopefully a quilt at the end...wish me luck ...cause I will need it

Love and Tea


  1. Beautiful pics as always - can't wait for Sunday!! xx

  2. I love the little Johnson Brothers find. Lucky you :)

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