Sunday, September 5, 2010

to my little girl

you broke my heart and mended your own,
with dreams of dresses and teaparties,
worries and big brown eyes.
You were the little sprite that everything worth while.

with a name so petite and a laugh so coy,
falling asleep with a soft puple toy.

a little of daddy and alot of mummy
my little girl was the perfect mix of strong
and sweet.

two years old, showing no signs of stopping
you have put some sparkle into my days
and some smiles on my face at night

happy birthday lily boo

Mummy Loves you VERY much


  1. Happy Birthday Lily xx

    Happy Birthing day Miss C xxx

  2. Courtney this photo is absolutley breathtaking. I love it!

  3. yes I agree that photo is breath taking what a beautiful little girl!


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