Sunday, October 17, 2010

drink your Tea LIKE A BOSS! - day 17

What is it with me and random wall hangings in places that I sleep! Last camp was the creepy clown! and this weekend getaway...well you can see for yourself...ellie calls him...Bambi's Father (giggles stupidly) It made me laugh when I walked in and saw it hung on the wall little bit of country chic at its best.

I did a bit of knitting this weekend, almost finished my Emerald Wisp, and when my fingers have finished fishnet lace knitting I will be taking on another shawl...The girls and I have undertakin a knit along, but I've been uber lazy and havent started..but at least I now have my yarn balled up a mix of the beautiful emily's yarn and my semi solid..I think these will make a stunning shawl.

The Beautiful goddess at The Pine Trees Emma gifted me with some yarn I lusted after and wanted to shank anyone for! she ninja'ed it from beneath me! but I heart her oh so much.
I've daydreamed about becoming an art teacher for a while now, and I know that soon I'll be making that daydream a reality by going to uni to study to be just that...but this weekend has re affirmed that I really do want to be an art teacher. Ellies Girls are bright creative sparks of life and they made me smile with their desperate wanting to play with my art supplies, I knew the look, I know what its like to have an itch you cant scratch, so I set my stuff up for them and said go for it...I helped them draw girls while they painted them, I heat set their paint so they could paint another page it was my bliss.

Little Challa is a little arty goddess, she inspires me to be great, and shes only 8.
Im going to sit down and warm up my hands with a mug of a mug that makes me smile.

enjoy your sunday...inspire someone else for the day.
xx Courtney


  1. love love love love!

    I told you before, I will say it again: You my dear, were BORN to be an art teacher xxxx

  2. Such a lovely post - I heart you too xx :)

  3. Thanks for saying that I'm 8 - Challa

  4. i wasn't afraid of the deer my dear xxxx


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