Monday, October 18, 2010

sheep be black = day 18

There are many beautiful things about a roadie with a girl that likes the same things as you do...books, writing, art...and of course yarn. So on the way home from my unoffical camp Ellie...we stopped at the little yarny nook 'The Black Sheep'
Coloured balls of goodness in every corner, and if its not yarn...its yarn related items!

a rainbow sea of buttons. I want one of everything to put in an old frame for my country chic wall of awesome.
This little store, makes me smile with all the adorable felted toys for kids, and wooden toys! its hard to get beautiful wooden toys these days...I caught a snap of this little doll standing on the top shelf.
I want a dress form, just so I can dress her up in pretty knitted items...*puts that on a wishlist*

after a long and beautiful weekend....a self portrait in a mirror in the end my weekend shooting with.
Now Im back to my little life in Inverell, with my kids and my messy hair...but it doesnt matter, because I love it so, somtimes I need to be away from love it all over again.
enjoy your monday morning with a little soft cheese, and a cup of tea.
- Courtney xx

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  1. You had such an amazing weekend, I have been jealous more with each photo :(


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