Saturday, November 13, 2010

a little of this..a touch of that...

I often wonder, what makes me an artist, where the passion comes from, the drive to grab things that dont match go or even touch...lay them down on a page and create art. Everything about my days these days seem to somehow become imprinted onto my journal. My ups and downs become ink spots, brush strokes, layers of my life...

and sometimes, the only muses I need, are these three...


Miss Polkadot - a little woman with a big persoanlity and a stubborn streak like her mumma

and the Little Master, who steals my heart, makes a mud pie with it, and hands it to me a smile.

and there there is him...
who's sticky taped my soul back together with his delicate touch and loving words.
He makes my heart sing and my emerald eyes sparkle.
I've learnt what it feels to be in love...the proper way.

enjoy your saturday afternoon
love Always
Courtney - The Hopeless Romantic.


  1. OMG Lily is soooooo big when did she get sooo big ?? she is not a bubba anymore, she is a big girl !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Possum has that same hat :)

    So good to hear you sound happy!


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