Friday, November 12, 2010

wanderings from yesterday

I wandered through town yesterday shopping for my sister's Birthday present...I walked happily around Magnolia which is a stunning country chic store here in Inverell... it closed its two smaller stores down to create one hot big shop. Half boutique..half home wares...and half kitchen shop and man does it work to their advantage! You can shop for almost anyone in this store!
One of my favourite nooks in the shop...their beautiful old white washed cupboard..filled with quilts..I have my eye on the red one with white polka dots! It needs to come home with me one of these days I know that much...dots make me smile like a kid at Christmas!
speaking of Christmas! they also have these Stunning clear ornaments, so perfect and beautiful, I think I might buy a few for our tree this year, our tree needs a revamp badly, so handmade items..and hot glass baubles here I come!
and to freak you all out...the countdown is on...and in my the time tick away till that crazy day in the distance!

have a fantastic Friday
xx Courtney

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