Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tis the season..right?

An so another year has slipped through our fingertips and the Man in red is getting his sleigh sorted, and I being the crazy little crafty elf that I am, am doing just that aswell. Crafters all around the globe are going slightly out of their minds as we attempt to impossible by making our gifts for loved ones. My list doesn't seem to be moving quite as fast ad I'd like to hope, but slow and steady...gets crap done.

My calender is in the spirit, a little festive cheer on my desk, keeping my handmade date keeper company is a gift my dear friend Emily bought over yesterday...She doesn't have a name yet but Im sure as she settle's in a name will spring to mind.

On the gift front...well my fingers are constantly making something, the the lovesick romantic in me, is working her way through something for her man. A girls paper.

I hope your Christmas shopping is going well! checking lists and wrapping gifts, tomorrow I think I shall spend the afternoon with my two little mischief elves and put up our tree.
Have a good night.
love Courtney xx

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