Tuesday, November 23, 2010

a litle opshop joy

a kid free day, and I take my mum by the hand and say 'Take me op shopping i need a cheap pick me up' and with that, we ventured off into my random little country town and did the rounds.

I found many a treasure in my travels...here are a few of my faves.

quirky bowls...no one can ever have enough kitchen quirks!

vintage sheet and two pillow cases, about to be cut to bits to make cushion covers..tote bages..things for the kids.
a small lot of pillowcases, to be turned into cloth grocery bags for my shopping.

and a big asian inspired serving dish...housing my latest spinning. EmilyTheEnabler fibre of win!

very quick and simple blog today, I have to pack all my stuff up, and put it into bags so I can move back home!! I've been living with the kids at my mums...and finally now my house is vacant...I will be back..at the house on wood street.

Where I will be having an overhaul!!
so be prepared for cute makeover house shots in the coming weeks leading up to xmas.
have a fantasic Tuesday guys

x Courtney.


  1. Gorgeous finds, and your spinning is beautiful as always :) xx

  2. wow fab finds indeed..i've got that orange sheet too, maybe it's from the same set, imagine!

  3. Bit of a floral theme going on there. I'm very impressed with your spinning!

  4. I'm obsessed with vintage and unusual kitchenware ... LOVE that tea cup & saucer!! :)


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