Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Creative Space Thursday

I thought it was about time I started playing Creative Space again today, since I have had my hands in some form of creativity the last few weeks! And this week is no different, with my kid free days this week, I set up a card table in the lounge room near the air con, and shifted my art supplies out! (dreading putting the back today when kids come home lol)

here is the fruits of my journal play lately...

as a gift to myself, to keep my mind occupied and my fingers working, my darling boyfriend bought me a spot in the new Willowing Course Magical Mythical Makings, and so far its been amazing! The first week is goddesses, so I've been sketching away before I tackle the HUGE canvas I have bought for the first assignment! a little daunting since I've never worked on a canvas that big before, but I will get over that fear and create something beautiful... (fingers crossed)

If youd like to see more creative spaces, pop on over to Kristy's blog for all the players
enjoy your Thursday afternoon
xoxo Courtney


  1. Just lovely.

    I am looking forward to some of my own time again. I love working with the kids and their art, however mine always seems to get forgotten.

  2. Your photos are amazing. I love art supplies!


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