Sunday, January 16, 2011

inky tears.

I've been a little missing from blog land lately, and there is a perfectly good reason too! I've fallen head over heels in love. The past three weeks, flew by before my eyes, and yet the lead up to those three weeks, dragged on like a day equalled a year. From the moment he turned up at my door step I knew.

We enjoyed every single day together to its fullest, days where we were both worn out by the kids to days where we snugged on the couch watching silly movies and eating pastry. This man is the closest thing to perfect I've found. And He is Mine.

before I know it, he will be back to visit, I'll throw myself into my art, and craft till my fingers ache and my brains is silent. The kids already miss him dearly. He did all the things..those kids craved...
read dinosaur books over and over...
and helped miss Boo feel safe as she climbed on the big kids frame at the park...

everything ...about me.
I'll see you soon darling...
always Courtney

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