Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I have been busy...

In the past week, Ive sat at my little craft desk and got lost in my art. With inks and pencils crayons and paints my hands have been constantly dancing over a journal or a canvas. Counting down the days till my dear man returns.
As I've mentioned before I have a spot in the current Willowing course and this is the progress on my first work.
On Kiss my serendipity, we are thinking of a mermaid themed week, and with that I found a little mask that Im turning into a mermaid inspired mixed media kind of deal, with book pages, and watercolours, inks and fabric I think she will be beautiful when shes finished.

its very hot here tonight so Im going to curl up with a juice and the sound of my mans voice while I slip into a daydream about the future.

enjoy your evening, and stay safe if you're in the danger zone of this freak cyclone.

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