Friday, February 11, 2011

the muse kinda hearts me

So I decided yesterday, that my muse kinda hearts me, as I seem to have my hands creating something no matter what, which is a new experience for me, usually I am grasping at something anything to create, staring at blank pages, blank sketchbooks taunting me! but it seems the winds have changed have blown a gale in my little craft room.
I've been involved in a big quilt swap with some of my dearest girlfriends, where by the end of it, we shall have a decent amount of quilt blocks to construct a quilt. Its a non perfect beginner quilting swap, so there was no pressure to be perfect, and let me tell you I am gladdened by that fact. I've sat at my little sewing machine, cutting and sewing my girlfriends squares.
my girl on the huge canvas is slowly coming together, I catch a moment to work on her at night or on the days my kids go to kindy, her dress took me hours and hours of work, but the effort ws worth it, just some more background work some touch ups and shes ready for my walls!
as the cooler months approach, I realized I wanted to have a few more knitted items to keep me warm, the lush green yarn below was from our secret santa swap, and will soon become arm warmers! I shall cast on once I finish my shawl thats on the needles at the moment.
a craft at my mums wasnt wasted! I cracked open a new small blank canvas and started creating! my efforts, this very glittery mermaid, who now hangs on my wall in my entrance way. I rather like her!
that is all the art and craft from me today! enjoy your weekends! my darling man is arriving tonight from sydney, so we can share our valentines together a little early. xoxo Courtney

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  1. Oh Courtney I love everything you have been creating lately. So where are those arm warmers as I sit here in -13 degrees fahrenheit? I can't wait for warmer weather.


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