Monday, March 28, 2011


Monday morning, the bane of many lives..myself included. Its been one of those yucky sleepless nights the dreaded cold bug hit my house almost two weeks ago now, and I seem to be the only one left with it! So, Im trying to keep myself semi busy so I try not to cough as much, as I sound like a dog losing her bark.

Next week is my birthday, and I'll be another year older probably not so much wiser hehe, but I think I mentioned a post about getting a Mac, my darling man, thought it was time I replaced my poor old Toshiba laptop as she was dying a slow and ever so painful death! I was stupidly excited when he told me he had decided to buy me a macbook pro! I did get it rather early lol, but I adore it. As you saw yesterday I did a you tube vid, which was done on the imovie program. I have spent the morning playing withe the kids, and sorting folders of photos in the iphoto program...many features to take advantage of in that program.

if I get a spare moment today, I shall be working in my collage book. I have an idea for a collage its just finding the time to pull it off. So if the little ones are behaved mummy might get to play in her pens and glue for a little while.

now before I do anything lol, Im going to have a little rest, Im a little worn out from coughing.
enjoy your Monday!
xox Courtney

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