Sunday, April 3, 2011

a lovely weekend

a blog post on my birthday, I've spent my weekend with family and friends, and I wouldn't have it any other way. My sweet man came for the weekend, making sure he visited on my birthday. I got my present early from him but spending time was enough for me.

we had a delightful afternoon tea, which I will post more pictures of tomorrow, today is more about the family feeling of my weekend.
The Boyfriend decided he wanted to make me a cake, I squeeled at this, and welcomed a cake made by him. he bought the makings for a cake, and cooked along side me while I baked for afternoon tea.
He made me an English Tea cake with butter and cinnamon sugar on the top....

our little ones got the much favourite tast of licking the beaters when he was done.

the little man

and the cheeky lady of the househe told me he failed my cake..but I think just the was divine, and I loved it

it was simple and beautiful and truly lovely, I had a beautiful weekend, my man had to leave very early this morning, but he made sure I was tucked into bed, took my bin out for me, reminded me of the cake in the microwave, and told me that he loved me.

thankyou to all for the birthday wishes and the gifts
they are all cherished.
xoxo Courtney

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