Thursday, March 10, 2011

My creative space - Collage #8

In the spirit of creating, I thought I'd pop my name into My Creative Space today as I am indeed very creative, all this collage work has been a breath of fresh air, I do have moments where I wonder what the heck do I do today, but after sitting in amongst the paper, I just starting pasting things down till I'm happy.

Today Collage is 'Butterfly Catcher' a little more earthy rather than whimsy today, lots of old book pages, distress inks, some handwriting, all my favourites coming together to create this .work, it made my smile once I'd finished it, and that is my ultimate aim..

enjoy your thursday! I'm hoping my macbook pro arrives today so Im courier stalking like a crazed woman!
pop on over to Kristy's blog for other spaces, or to join in on the fun.
xx Courtney

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Thanks so much for the lovely comments! it makes my day to know that Im not babbling to myself!
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