Friday, March 11, 2011

a quilt in the making, and emerald alice.

I haven't done my collage for today yet, but I thought it was time to show off another side of me, I am still very very beginner but slowly Im getting better at quilting! My darling grp of girlfriends and I decided to embark on a quilt round robin, where we each got a partner for the month and we would get their base fabric and sew them a block for their quilt using a matching fabric we ourselves bought for them. Its been such an amazing experience, getting their fabric cutting and sewing, a bit of swearing here and there, laughing at stupid mistakes.

I decided in my moment of madness as the crazy art student of the grp, to have every triangle a different fabric, meaning each block would stand as a colourful work of art. Easy way to stash bust and a way to go a little wild with fabric matching. I have however stated that the same print cant be used in other squares just no two same print on one block, just to make it a little easier!
so far the girls and I have made 12 blocks for my quilt, with some women sewing me more than the allotted two, as I declared that I wanted to make mine a king size quilt to begin the idea of an heirloom in my little family. These woman are helping me create that heirloom, and their names will be embroidered on the backing of the quilt as my homage to them.
They are my world, as if they were family. - Souls sisters if you will.
So below feast your eyes on the manic beautiful rainbow that are my progress shots, atm its a decent lap blanket size.

on the topic of quilts, my dear dear girlfriend Ellie knows my obsession with Alice in wonderland, that I have all vintage copies of the books, that I have rubber stamps in all the characters and that last years birthday invites were for a mad-hatters tea party with Alice invites and all!
This lovely lady for my birthday, which isn't til next month started sewing me something that I know Im going to cherish for the rest of my life. With my favourite colour and my favourite book character, I present you Emerald Alice, a lap quilt that will be used every moment I can think of! It makes me smile just looking at her.

many people want the quilt and many have been told no, Ellie has been asked if they can buy her, I've said no amount of money can make me give that quilt away. So suck on that she's mine.
I love it to bits, as much as I love the woman who made her for me.
have a great friday!!
oxo Courtney


  1. Your rainbow quilt is going to be amazing.

  2. oh my goodness...your photos are exquisite!

  3. That quilt is going to be an heirloom for sure...its really beautiful. Thanks for sharing - Allison


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