Sunday, March 27, 2011

weekend bliss

The weekends have fast become my favourite time, I know many people already say that, but mine are a little bit more special, lately my man has been driving down every weekend from 7hours away just to spend two days with me, not even two days, a day and a half. If that isn't love then I don't know what is!

We sat snuggled on the couch as we watched Elijah build a city out of wooden blocks, it was fascinating watching him refer to the box and build what he saw. Was a lovely moment for us to share, as we build a family together, a new and improved version.

as some of you know, my boyfriend is a little foreign, Colombian to be exact and I was introduced to their hot chocolate. Now I am a firm tea lover, woman of the teapot through and through, but yesterday...he handed me this block, with a grin on his face we started to whisk this block on the stove with 1litre of milk. OH MY! not expecting it to be any good, this blew me away. Rich and bursting with flavour this I can see will be a guilty pleasure for the rest of my life.
The girls that are coming to my little craft camp will be able to experience it first hand, as he left me the box for us to indulge.

between watching the kids, having dinner with my parents and just general things, we still found time to just be together. Nothing fancy, nothing movie like, just existing together in a bliss bubble.
this man is truly amazing.
he brightens up my weekends to an extent that I never thought possible.
I cant wait for the day where we are together as a family the way it should be. With no distance separating us.

and on that note, enjoy your weekend
xox Courtney

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