Thursday, March 24, 2011

My creative space - Served with Tea

Good Morning!, it is a brisk and sunny Thursday morning here in ye'ole Inverell, middle of nowhere home to this little Artista, for now anyway hehe. Creative space time has leaped upon us with gusto, and I am pottering at my loungeroom desk, (yes I have two desks lol) Just adding little things to collages that don't feel quite finished yet. Above is a drawing from Master Elijah, he has just suddenly shown his way with colour, I marked this as a special step in his development and put it into my collage book as a reminder for mummy. Also teamed with a photograph from the park, and my new adorable teacup and saucer for the delightful Emily

for the rest of the day I will be working on little lily's quilt
and rugging up as the breeze here is getting a little chilly!
enjoy your Thursday, pop on over to Kristy's Blog for the now quite long list of Creative space players!
xox Courtney

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