Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Pages...

I've decided that every friday, I will share with you pages from my current journal, or journals depending on what I get done through the week, I've been really enjoying playing in my hand bound one I showed off in the last entry, I am in the process of making my mum a cover for hers pretty much exactly as mine is.

So the moving in process was one of ease, with no limits, no expectations and a journal purely for my own fun, this has been a dream to work in, I open at any page and work on it, not doing things in order, just laying things down working back and forward.

playing with papers, watercolour washes, inks and paints I am creating a new world for myself between the pages, just as my life currently is all very new.

I'm enjoying trying to create little characters in my journal, working on my petite dolls using prisma coloured pencils and watercolour crayons... I spend my nights talking to my dear man, he reads the news... while I spread out on my bed with all my supplies, creating my own headlines.

I scoured the op shops yesterday, looking for old doilys with a bit of personality, to test out a little home made paint wash, using little makeup misters from the cheap shop, some water colour paints and water, and it worked a TREAT! These home made ones will do before I buy the colour washes from Tim Holtz.
I am enjoying the silence...inside my head today, its been a crazy few weeks mentally for me, dealing with some stuff, not dealing more to it lol, but this journal has really saved me, hopefully I can get my worries out in art form so they don't plague me instead.
enjoy your friday, tonight my man arrives for the weekend, so I shall laugh, kiss and art for the weekend...and enjoy the sunlight.
Blessed Be
Courtney xo


  1. I love the doilie stencils, they work beautifully.

  2. This is so beautiful. What talented little miss u are!

    Angela x


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