Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Pages - Anahata Journal Pages

Since I've been flat out while I was away in Sydney as much as I wanted to create, I didn't get a single chance! I did however buy a few odds and ends which I will photograph tomorrow, and hopefully do a little art for you guys since I MISS IT!

I found this little blog by chance the other night and book marked it for inspiration and colour ideas! such beautiful delicious pages that have a mind of their own.

below are the amazing pages by Anahata Katkin

She is also the owner of Papaya a beautiful beautiful company.
hopefully tomorrow I have a spare moment to myself to do a little art, test my new watercolour texters thats right yummyness to play with! I also bought a few new stencils, some glazing medium and some new background stamps! so excited!!!
have a good night, I need to go feed my tribe before they eat me!
xoxo Courtney


  1. I am a huge fan of Anahata's work :)

  2. What a beautiful artist. TFS

  3. I have followed Anahata's work for many years and I always buy her calendars and notebooks. She's awesome! Papaya is her company, unless she sold it... I will have to check her blog as I haven't for a very long time.
    Jessi xox


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