Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Creative Space - Spray Me Baby

A Thursday arvo and the inks are on fire! I decided to abandon my cleaning and make some collage/background papers for my art journal, to cut up and use when I'm feeling like a lazy journal girl. I sat down and started pulling out my stencils, my inks and my stamps to create some random little papers...
I love the face that my doileys are getting rainbow! with all the spraying going on, it just makes me smile when I pull them out to use.
using a few home made stencils, and a few
spotlight ones, I layered and layered till I was happy
every page had its own vibe, its own personality.

an quick afternoon of papery goodness is exactly what my soul needed to revive from housewife doom!

for more creative spaces, pop on over to the communal blog for a huge list of lush creative goodies!

enjoy the wintery evening.
back tomorrow with some Friday Pages, and maybe a video depending on how much cleaning I get done heheh
xx Courtney


  1. Oh no! Not the housewife doom and gloom! Ha! I hate cleaning - would much rather be creating these cool papers. Fun!
    Jessi xox


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